CITY 2048

Grow your city in this game of ingenuity that becomes more difficult with each level. Collide the same buildings for the city to grow. Reaches the indicated building size. Use the cursor keys or slide your finger on the screen.

City 2048 is a puzzle game that uses the same mechanics as the classic 2048, but replacing numbers with different types of urban elements, such as gardens, houses or blocks of buildings.

The City 2048 game system is exactly the same one that all players are used to: swipe in one direction to make all the tiles move in that direction. When two identical tiles collide, a higher level will merge into a new chip.

The mechanics of City 2048 is very simple, and its visual section does not fall short. Now, using minimalist graphics does not mean that the game is not pretty. In fact, City 2048 has beautiful graphics and fluid animations, which make playing it a real delight.